Metal and custom metalwork...

What do we offer?

Our company is focused on turning and milling. We are able to cheat to conventional lathes and milling machines from 4mm to 500mm. The CNC lathe from 4mm to 42 mm from the rod to 160mm and the blank.
Our company deals with the CO2 welding, cutting material, road transport.

We work common materials such as brass, steel, bronze, copper, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, Dural automata, etc.

We work with an accuracy of ± 0.005 mm. Our capacity is in the range of 1 piece or thousands pieces per month depending on the complexity of parts produced in large batches, of course, the price is proportionally reduced. Pick the products we provide at their own expense.

Pick the products we provide at their own expense.

We will make you part with your round or hexagonal or even square lathe or oven. Furthermore, we also possible cross-drilled holes, threading, milling, surface treatment such as hardening, zinc, nickel